"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever." - Walt Disney

Welcome to the First LAUGHTER Summit!

Bringing Together World's Leaders in Laughter!

9-15 August, 2014

This Laughter Therapy Summit convenes 15 of the world's experts in the field of Laughter, from India to America, Africa to Tokyo. These Laughter Professionals will impart their knowledge, insight & wisdom in the field of Laughter as a Tool towards Health & Wellness!

We are very exited to share with you the latest developments, information, research & application of the leading experts in the field of Laughter as a Tool towards Health & Wellness!


The Speakers at the Laughter Therapy Summit will help you live a balanced, healthy & joyful life. These interviews include:

Laughter practices, programs and techniques that will enrich your life and help you achieve your desired goals.
How to overcome feelings of being stuck, remove blocks, hesitation and procrastination.
How laughter can energize, transform and revitalize your life.
Techniques to improve your health & well-being to live a more balanced life.
Successful laughter applications and approaches world-wide.
The latest laughter research findings & studies.

Martin Combrinck
The Host for this Laughter Summit is Martin Combrinck, a Laughter Yoga Professional & Coach and Director of Laughter for Africa.
Laughter For Africa
Laughter for Africa: Creating Social Change through Laughter - by spreading Health, Joy and Peace to All the People in South Africa!

(Normal cost = $70. Valid until 1 August 2014)
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Laughter Summit: 2014
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Dr Madan Kataria: Author, Founder of Laughter Yoga, International Speaker

Lesley Lyle
Steve Bhaerman

Dr Madan Kataria

Lesley Lyle
Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda)

Lynn Perreault

Sebastien Gendry
Steve Wilson

Dr Lynn Perreault

Sebastien Gendry
Steve Wilson
Albert Nerenberg
Saranne Rothberg
Jeffrey Briar
Albert Nerenberg
Saranne Rothberg
Jeffrey Briar
Dr Joel Goodman
Robert Rivest
Lisa Sturge
Dr Joel Goodman
Robert Rivest
Lisa Sturge
Dr Kimberley bell
Allen Klein
Dr Kimberley Bell
Allen Klein
Joe Hoare

About the Laughter Summit

Directed by Laughologist Albert Nerenberg, 'Laughology' is the first feature documentary about Laughter.

The Laughter Summit is a Virtual Online Event that uses an Online Audio Player.

The event itself will run for seven (7) consecutive days between Saturday, August 9th, through to Friday, August 15 2014.

During this time, two (2) laughter expert guest interviews will be offered every day. These sessions will be made available for ONLY 24 HOURS for free after the initial broadcast. Thereafter, you have to purchase the recordings to continue listening in your own time.

This online event was structured because I wanted everyone to be able to access this valuable information regardless of time zone or financial ability. It is all available for FREE!

How to get unlimited access?
As mentioned above, each presentation is available for free 24 HOURS after their initial broadcast!

But here's the thing ~

If you think you'd like to listen even just one more time to a speaker/s.
Or if you missed any of the interviews during their 24 hour play periods of each day.
Or if you want to be able to listen to the interviews at any time on the go, on your portable devices when you're in the car, working out, or running errands.
Of if you want to be able to really get the most of all the valuable information of the speakers by by listening and laughing several times a day.
Or if you want to listen to any of the bonuses presentations.

You will only be able to do so, if you take advantage of the Special Upgrade Package offer!

Investing in the MP3's of the Summit Laughter Experts will:

allow you to listen to the laughter experts in your car or on your MP3 player;
help you share the information with family and friends;
allow you to listen over and over again to imbed the information into your subconscious for maximum results;
create a positive habit & a happy lifestyle: repetition is a little secret of those who are truly blessed with great health, energy and abundance.

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Laughter Summit
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